Airstream® Class III Biological Safety Cabinets

Airstream® Class III Biological Safety Cabinets
  • Exhaust air is double-filtered through high-quality ULPA filters (per IEST-RP-CC-001.3) with typical efficiency of >99.999% for 0.1 to 0.3 micron particles, better than HEPA filters.
  • Exclusive dual exhaust filters provide > 100.000 times better protection than single-stage designs.
  • Microprocessor-based Esco Sentinel™ Silver control system provides visual / audible alarms for airflow.
  • Magnehelic* pressure gauge is mounted in the rear of the work zone for at-a-glance monitoring of work zone negative pressure.
  • Neoprene™ gauntlets are single- piece, leak-tested glove assemblies which guarantee maximum protection.
  • An integrated pass-through with interlocking doors permits materials transfer without risk of environmental contamination.
  • Esco ISOCIDE™ antimicrobial surface on all painted surfaces minimizes contamination.
  • An angled cabinet front ensures a comfortable working posture.
  • Cabinet operates at negative pressure relative to the laboratory in order to prevent migration of pathogenic materials out of the work area.

*Registered trademark of Dwyer Instruments, Inc.

Model No. External
Dimensions (mm)
Dimensions (mm)
Velocity (Inflow)
Velocity (Downflow)
AC3-4B1 1665 x 850 x 2250 1340 x 560 x 650 -275 Pa(m/s) /
-1.1 Wg(fpm)
- 220-240V,AC, 50Hz,1ø
AC3-4B2 110-120V,AC, 60Hz,1ø
AC3-5B1 1970 x 850 x 2250 1645 x 560 x 650 -275 Pa inside unit(m/s) /
-1.1 Wg(fpm)
- 220-240V,AC, 50Hz,1ø
AC3-5B2 110-120V,AC, 60Hz,1ø
AC3-6B1 2275 x 850 x 2250 1950 x 560 x 650 -275 Pa inside unit(m/s) /
-1.1 Wg(fpm)
- 220-240V,AC, 50Hz,1ø
AC3-6B2 110-120V,AC, 60Hz,1ø

Esco offers a variety of options and accessories to meet local applications. Contact Esco or your local Sales Representative for ordering information.

Electrical Outlets and Utility Fixtures

  • Electrical outlet, ground fault, North America
  • Electrical outlet, Europe / Worldwide

Cabinet Accessories


  • Anti Blowback Valve
  • Germicidal UV lamp
    • Controlled by automatic UV lamp timer through SentinelTM microprocessor control panel
    • Emission of 253.7 nanometers for most efficient decontamination


  • Ergonomic lab chair
    • Laboratory grade construction, meets Class 100 cleanliness; alcohol resistant PVC materials
    • Adjustable height 395-490 mm(15.6"-19.3")
  • Ergonomic foot rest
    • Angled, helps maintain proper posture
    • Adjustable height
    • Anti-skid coating, chemical resistant finish
  • Formalin Vaporizer