Learn About High Performance/Low Flow Fume Hoods

Health and Safety Authorities
  • ASHRAE 110 and EN14175 tested at face velocities down to 0.3m/s (60fpm)
  • Built in sash-lock and creep-down system ensure operator safety
  • Optional Sentinel XL Airflow Monitor
Installation and Service Personnel
  • Robust tri-wall side pan construction
  • Factory-fitted service fixtures are pre-plumbed
  • Chain and sprocket sash
  • Wide range of field-installed accessories
Facility Owners
  • Can operate at 0.3m/s (60fpm) at 457mm (18") operating height
  • Energy savings of up to US$5,735 annually for each fume hood
Lab Personnel
  • Certified safety
  • Precisely-tuned aerodynamics
  • High sight line
  • Angle front
  • Excellent ergonomics


  • Operates safely at 60fpm (0.3m/s) at 18" (457mm) or full open sash position while maintaining excellent ASHRAE and EN containment.
  • Energy savings of up to US$5,735 annually.
  Conventional Fume Hood Variable Air Volume (VAV) Fume Hood High Performance Low Flow Fume Hood
Working Principle 0.5m/s (100fpm) @ full open sash position 0.5m/s (100fpm) @ all sash positions with help of sophisticated control system 0.3m/s (60fpm) 457mm (18") sash opening using advanced aerodynamic designs
Initial cost Low High Medium
Running Cost Very High Low Low
Ease of installation, commissioning and maintenance Easy Difficult Easy
Learn About High Performance/Low Flow Fume Hoods