Training Courses and Seminars

We offer comprehensive, hands-on training courses as well as safety-related seminars on a variety of topics of interest to laboratory personnel, safety officers, lab designers, facility engineers, pharmacists, service and sales representatives.

Training Courses and Seminars

Training courses are generally conducted at Esco's headquarters in Singapore, at our fully equipped Demonstration and Training Facility. Occasionally, courses are offered at other Esco locations internationally.

Esco is an advocate for safe lab work practices, whether the risk is biological, chemical or cytotoxic in nature. A key facet of our program is offering safety-related seminars around the world. These short seminars are non-commercial in scope and can be held on-site at your facility, subject to schedule availability. Our distribution network in more than 100 countries means that an Esco Specialist is never far away. Contact Esco to schedule a seminar today.

The following is a list of Esco Training Courses and Seminars, sorted by intended audience:

Safety Officers, Lab Managers and Personnel

Laboratory Designers, Facility Engineers, Project Managers, Architects

Certifiers and Service Organizations

As a world leader in clean air, containment and laboratory equipment technologies Esco is uniquely qualified to offer training on the installation, certification, maintenance and servicing of laminar flow, biological safety cabinets, animal containment workstations, isolators, powder weighing balance enclosures, chemical fume hoods, ductless fume hoods and other ventilated lab enclosures.

Service courses are held at our headquarters in Singapore. Our state-of-the-art facilities enable demonstration and hands-on training on almost every facet of certification and service from airflow measurements to containment (microbiological, chemical, powder) testing. Our trainers are NSF49-accredited engineers with many years of hands-on design, manufacturing, testing and troubleshooting experience.

Pharmacists, Pharmacy Managers, Nurses, Nurse Managers and Physicians

Sales Representatives

Course materials are regularly updated by our Product Specialists and Trainers to reflect the latest industry and regulatory developments.

We strive to keep classes small so as to create the most conducive training environment for participants.