Customer References

Global customer references

Esco's clean-air containment products are being used by research scientists and laboratory workers around the world for critical research and development work. We have sold our biosafety and laminar flow cabinets to 70 countries worldwide through our local and regional distributors.

Our global customer reference list currently contains customer references from over 75 countries, and is continually updated with additional customer references.

Miri® at San Carlos Clinic in Italy

San Carlos Clinic in Turin, Italy is a private clinic specializing in IVF reproductive treatments. They cooperate with the Institute of Reproductive Medicine and Gynecology and with the Centre of Research on Medical Bioclimatology-Biotechnologies-Natural...

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Miri® TL advancing in vitro fertilization in Spain

The Human Reproduction Unit of the General Hospital of Valencia has been elected to participate in an international project in which they will test the leading technology of Miri® TL incubator for IVF. This project will take place in four European...

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Healthy Twins Conceived By Esco Miri® Benchtop Incubator

Esco is pleased to announce that healthy twin girls were conceived, with the help of Esco’s unique Miri® Benchtop Incubator. The Danish couple had their IVF treatment at the Fertility Clinic Trianglen. The clinic was established in 1993 and...

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