Healthy Twins Conceived By Esco Miri® Benchtop Incubator

Healthy Twins Conceived By Esco Miri® Benchtop Incubator

Esco is pleased to announce that healthy twin girls were conceived, with the help of Esco’s unique Miri® Benchtop Incubator.

The Danish couple had their IVF treatment at the Fertility Clinic Trianglen. The clinic was established in 1993 and is one of the oldest fertility clinics in Denmark.

The Fertility Clinic Trianglen contributes to approximately 500 births annually and is one the largest fertility clinics in Scandinavia. It performs around 1000 IVF / ICSI treatments and 1200 -1500 insemination treatments yearly. Over the years, Trianglen has supported the birth of more than 8133 children and is well known for their high standards of care and outcome success.

During IVF, a woman’s eggs are fertilized and incubated in special designed incubators until the day of transfer.

Medical Director Kåre Rygaard was very satisfied with the performance of the Esco Miri® Benchtop Incubator. His embryologist, Tine Leth-Petersen described the Miri® as time saving and very reliable.

The laboratory required a new approach to their embryo culturing by reducing the time spent in the handling process. The laboratory wanted to have a total control of the gas and temperature and any potential embryo stressors including temperature fluctuations, gas concentration fluctuations and volatile organic compounds (VOC`s).

The solution to these needs was to implement the Miri® Benchtop Incubator specially designed for IVF. Miri® was chosen for test because of its ground breaking design and advanced temperature regulations. The first instrument were installed early 2013.

With Miri®‘s reliable gas mixing system and recirculated air flow, the Fertility Clinic Trianglen could switch the concentration to 6% CO2, 5% O2 and 89% Nitrogen. After this process, the gas enters the HEPA+VOC filtration into the incubations chambers. Recirculated in the system, the gas passes UV sterilization while all important parameters are monitored by the advanced alarm system.

Tine Leth-Petersen, embryologist at the Fertility Clinic Trianglen revealed several benefits of the implemented solution. That’s why, the clinic’s IVFTech airtight mini incubators, which were being used for several years was now replaced by Esco’s Miri® Benchtop Incubator.

The clinic has individual protocols in the laboratory in order to provide the best possible results for their patients. With the close collaboration between the doctor, the patient and the embryologist, decisions were to be made if the patient’s embryos should be cultured to day 2, day 3 or day 5.

High QC standards and constant focus on providing the best possible results, embryologist Tine Leth-Petersen and her 5 colleagues in the laboratory wanted to reduce the time spent on the incubator and easy handling of the instrument. Tine stated that the Miri® is an “ease of use instrument which can be used by all in the laboratory. They have reduced the time spent on preparation and found the instruments temperature very consistent and easy to monitor as well as performing QC. The Miri® datalogger software is checked daily in order to monitor all real time parameters of the instrument. The software includes temperature, gas concentrations points, gas input pressures, gas flow rates, correct gas readings and all set points.

The clinic felt so satisfied with the results of the Miri® Benchtop Incubator that they even purchased an additional Miri® this year.

With Esco Miri® Benchtop Incubator, life has really begun.

Embryologist with Esco Miri
Embryologist Tine Leth-Petersen with Esco Miri®
Fertility Clinic Trianglen, Denmark
Fertility Clinic Trianglen, Denmark
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