White Papers

Operator And Environment Protection Of Esco Animal Handling Workstation Using ELISA Analysis Author: Fajar Mustika and Alexander Atmadi

Esco manufactures 3 models of animal handling workstations, VIVA Dual Access Animal workstation (VDA), VIVA Universal Animal workstation (VA2), and VIVA Bedding Disposal workstation (VBD). These VIVA products were designed to help promote the health and safety issues for the scientists, veterinarians and animal care professionals.

To meet this design objective, the allergen containment performance of these cabinets was studied using actual mice allergen as challenge aerosol. Actual cage changing and bedding disposal operations were performed to simulate how the workstations are used, and allergen concentration at designated areas was sampled. The allergen concentration was quantified using sandwich ELISA method, and operator and environment protection of each type of workstation was evaluated.



Personnel Protection Test using KI-DISCUS on Viva® Dual Access Animal Handling Workstation Author: Lin Xiang Qian, Alexander Atmadi, Ng Kah Fei

Since the birth of science, animals have constantly been used as a test subject for many research studies especially in the biomedical field. Animals have been used to investigate how certain bacteria or virus behave by using them as hosts and how potential cures would react with these bacterium and viruses in the bodies of animals. With such a need to handle animals, it is therefore important to protect the laboratory personnels from the very beginning. Even though at the initial stages of tests, the animals may not have been used for any potentially infectious diseases, there is still a need to protect the laboratory personnels from any allergens which might cause undue discomfort to operators.

The purpose of this study is to determine the effectiveness of the ESCO's Viva® Dual Access Animal Handling Workstation in providing protection to operators using this workstation. Using operator protection tests conducted on biosafety cabinets as a reference, similar tests are also conducted on this animal handling workstation. Even though personnel protection tests are not required on such workstations, but because ESCO believes strongly in providing safety to its users, therefore has come up with this test to show and prove that over at ESCO, we are serious about safety and would take the extra steps and take the extra precautions in our designs to ensure safety is not compromised.