Streamline® Class II Biological Safety Cabinet, Glass Side Walls (SC2-E series)

Streamline® Class II Biological Safety Cabinet, Glass Side Walls (SC2-E series)
  • High performance EBM-PAPST® permanently lubricated, centrifugal motor/fans with external rotor designs. Motors selected for energy efficiency, compact design and flat profile.
  • Fluorescent lamps and switch controls are located away from contaminated air to permit service without decontamination.
  • ULPA/HEPA filtration system operate at a typical efficiency >99.995% at 0.1 to 0.3 micron sizes.
  • Glass side wall allows more light to enter which provides maximum visibility.
  • Ergonomically angled front improves reach and comfort, reduce glare.
  • Arm rest with curved edge provides excellent forearm support.
  • Frameless, easier to clean, shatterproof sash offers larger unobstructed viewing area.
  • ISOCIDE™ powder coat inhibits microbial growth to improve safety.
  • SentinelTM Silver Microprocessor controls alarm system, supervise operation of all cabinet functions, and monitors both exhaust and downflow.
  • Esco Streamline® Class II Biological Safety Cabinet has been certified by Public Health of England (PHE) for compliance to EN 12469.
Model Code External Dimensions Internal Dimensions Airflow Velocity (Inflow) Airflow Velocity (Downflow) Electrical
SC2-4E1 1340 x 810 x 1400 mm
(52.8” x 31.9” x 55.1”)
1220 x 580 x 670 mm
(48.0” x 22.8” x 26.4”)
0.45 m/s
(90 fpm)
0.30 m/s
(60 fpm)
230V 50 Hz
SC2-4E3 230V 60 Hz
SC2-6E1 1950 x 810 x 1400 mm
(76.8” x 31.9” x 55.1”)
1830 x 580 x 670 mm
(72.0” x 22.8” x 26.4”)
230V 50 Hz
SC2-6E3 230V 60 Hz

Esco offers a variety of options and accessories to meet local applications. Contact Esco or your local Sales Representative for ordering information.

Support Stands

  • Fixed height, available in 28” or 34”
    • with leveling feet
    • with caster wheels

Electrical Outlets

  • Universal type (EO-UNI)

Work Zone

  • UV Lamp
  • Stainless Steel IV Bar
    • IV 1215 for SC2-4ft
    • IV 1825 for SC2-6ft
  • Prefilter
    • extends the life of the main ULPA filter
    • PF-42 for SC2-4ft
    • PF-44 for SC2-6ft

More Cabinet Accessories

  • PVC Arm Rest, 10” size
    • easy to clean and provides maximum operator comfortable
  • Ergonomic Lab Chair, adjustable 395 to 490mm (15.6” to 19.3) height
    • Laboratory grade, ISO Class 5 rated
    • Alcohol resistant
  • Ergonomic Foot Rest
    • Improves working posture
    • Adjustable height with anti-skid coating and chemical finish
  • Service Fixtures
    • American style available in Gas, Vacuum, Air, Nitrogen, Water, Universal types
  • Exhaust Ducting
    • Tri-safe exhaust collar with alarm
    • Thimble exhaust collar
    • Exhaust Damper
    • Anti-blowback valve
  • Installation Qualification and Operational Qualification document