Infinity® Cleanroom Transfer Hatch

Infinity® Cleanroom Transfer Hatch
  • Mechanical interlock is reliable, maintenance-free, fail safe and maintains cleanroom integrity by preventing both doors from being opened at the same time. The interlock design has been life-tested to 10,000 cycles to guarantee long service life.
  • All Esco products are manufactured for the most demanding controlled environment applications.
  • All components are designed for maximum chemical resistance and enhanced durability for a long service life.
  • The main body of the pass box is constructed of pharmaceutical-grade stainless steel.
  • The internal side walls of the pass box are constructed from a single piece of stainless steel, with coved corners for easy cleaning.
  • Transparent 10 mm (0.3”) tempered glass doors provide visibility into the interior. Frameless construction is easy to clean with no joints in which contaminants may accumulate.
  • Durable feather edge rubber gasketed door seals maintain cleanroom integrity and are easy to clean.
  • Pass box hardware has been custom designed for reliable service featuring large, durable hinges, and ergonomic handles.
  • One stainless steel mounting flange is included.
  • Extended 3 year warranty.
  • Optional UV lamp, must be factory fitted, add “-U1” to the end of the model to order for 230VAC 50HZ models and add "-U2" to the end of the model for 115VAC 60HZ models (example: EPB-A616161-U1).
  • Support stand in lieu of flange (specify mounting height when ordering).
Catalog Numbers:
EPA-B616161-SS for EPB-S616161
EPA-B454645-SS for EPB-S454645