Esco HP Series Laboratory Refrigerators

Esco HP Series Laboratory Refrigerators
We have superior features—Forced air design and Intelligent Automatic Defrost!

Forced air design:
Superior forced air design instead of regular cold wall, for both refrigerator and freezer.
Rapid cool-down and very fast recovery due to fan assistant.
Fast temperature equilibration; superior sample protection!

Intelligent Automatic defrost for additional sample protection:
High performance unit uses intelligent defrost to maximize sample protection;
Computer has thermocouple on the evaporator
      -    Detects ice formation;
      -    Defrosts only when needed to keep units at optimum performance
      -    Keeps chamber temperature within safe limits;
      -    No sample risk when cold wall freezer must be defrosted

Other features including door lock, which provides additional security for expensive samples and reagents from unauthorized users; Esco ISOCIDE™ external surfaces, to eliminate 99.9% of surface bacteria within 24 hours of exposure and ensure environment friendly; high quality stainless steel interior for sample protection; internal LED lighting save up 70% power with less heat exposure than fluorescent or incandescent lighting; and provide standard wheel/casters as well, for easy location or movement.

Model No.



Esco HP Series HR, 128 lt (4.53 cu ft), Temp. Range +2 / +15 ºC


Esco HP Series HR, 347 lt (12.26 cu ft), Temp. Range +2 / +15 ºC


Esco HP Series HR, 620 lt (21.91 cu ft), Temp. Range +2 / +15 ºC


Esco HP Series HR, 1355 lt (47.87 cu ft), Temp. Range +2 / +15 ºC